За катедрата

Are you interested in an interdisciplinary, international,bintercultural learning experience?

Europe is a big word and an even bigger concept. Europe is a shape on the map, a place and an idea. Europe is an experience waiting to be discovered. The new joint master’s programme in ‘Eurasia’ offers students a journey through Europe’s cultural and literary history, in which the development of Europe – from its past through to its present and on to its future – can be experienced.

Experiencing and Understanding Europe

“Transnational Studies’ ” is a course for those keen to understand Europe anew – as an idea, the past of which can be explored; for those with interest in literary studies and cultural history who would like to trace the lines connecting the humanities in the European community; a course for those who want to broaden their horizons. The Transnational Studies’ study trajectory, which connects four European universities, the intellectual history of Europe is explored in both theoretical and concrete ways. A small group of international students will, by following the common thread of European Studies back from its common European roots in the Middle Ages to the present day, have new academic experiences together in four different countries.